The  Range Comprises..

Our range of Products are specially produced under hygienic conditions and we offer a range of products that include Sausages, Meatballs, Formed Meat, Chinese Rolls, French Fries/ Potato chips.

Meat Balls

Meat Balls are a hot favorite at meal time. It could be prepared as a curry, devilled or grilled and served with many accompaniments such as Rice, Noodles, and String Hopers etc. Meatballs is the convenient option when it comes to making meals in minutes. Our Meat Ball Category consists of frozen and value added products which deliver variety and convenience to its users.


Our range of Meatballs offers,

Meatballs 100g

Meatballs 200g

Meatballs 500g


Meatballs Kirata
Mirisata 200g