The Range

The yummy Krest Range offers you a wide variety of snacks & bites. Under the brand name of Krest we offer delicious & ready to fry Formed Meats, Chinese Rolls and Crispy Potato Chips.

Formed Meat

The Superior Golden Crispy Crumb Delivers  the ultimate snacking experience where with each bite you are guaranteed the delicious Krest experience.

The Ready-to –fry Formed Meat range is ideal for both snacks and meal times. Beautifully battered and crumbed with Superior Crispy Crumb, they turn into hot, crisp, appetizing feasts in minutes.


The extensive Krest Formed Meat range offers


Chicken Drumsticks 300g

Chicken Mini Keives 240g

Chicken Nuggets 240g


Fish Fingers 250g


Fish Cutlet 270g

Kochchi Bite 240g