The  Range Comprises..

Our range of Products are specially produced under hygienic conditions and we offer a range of products that include Sausages, Meatballs, Formed Meat, Chinese Rolls, French Fries/ Potato chips.


The delicious range of Sausages, renowned for being a superior brand and the pioneer in the processed meats industry, is still the only Sausage brand that has SLS certification. This certification and its high production standards endorse Sausages’ premium quality and adherence to strict hygienic manufacturing guidelines.

Adding zest to any meal, the wholesome succulent range of Sausages is convenient to grill, fry or mix. We have the widest choice of sausages for any occasion to give you variety and taste to suit all age groups.

Our range of Krest Sausages offers:-
Regular Range

Chicken Sausages
Buddy 70g

Chicken Skinless 150g

Chicken Skinless 250g

Chicken Garlic 250g

Chicken Sausages Cheese
& Onion 250g

Chicken Sausages
Bockwurst 400g


Chicken Sausages Cheese
and Onion 500g

Chicken Sausages Party Pack 500g



Chicken spicy biteChicken Spicy Bite

Adding to an already increasing portfolio in the Sausage range is the new " Spicy Bites" sausage. This one of a kind sausage combines the spice of Chillie with a juicy sausage. Spicy Bites which contains real pieces of Chillie has been specially designed to add some extra spice to your parties, outings or family dinners. The origin of Spicy Bites is steeped in Sri Lankan roots, as we are proud of our ability to handle the spiciest of dishes. Spicy Bites caters to this need and is designed to satisfy all those who crave that extra spice in their lives.


Cheesy Blast

Kids love fun and anything that let's them express themselves creatively is awesome. It also allows them to excel and develop faster than average. It has been shown that children who learn through interaction and play always excel faster, than those who are taught by rote or memorizing facts. It is through this that the Fun Lab was born. By giving kids the ways and the means to express themselves creatively, we allow kids to let out their inner Einstein.

The Fun Lab is being launched to provide more children in Sri Lanka the opportunity to come up with all the fun and interesting food and play combinations they can think of, a place where they can do what they want and be what they want. The Fun Lab is the place where we let kids play with food. They discover colours, textures and tastes that they like and we put it all together in a product for them. From this, the kids springboard to become explorers who discover a whole new taste experience which is based exactly on what they want.

Two fun combinations were created out of the Fun Lab. The Cheesy Blast Sausage, a sausage that was named by a ten year old boy, is a wholesome chicken sausage, filled with a generous dollop of creamy and nutritious cheese.