Legendry Elephant House Sausage Range

Sri Lanka most favorite EH sausages are the best of all times!

Elephant House Sausages

Elephant House Sausages have been a distinctively Sri Lankan brand since its launch in 1966, providing consumers with premium products that are on par with international standards. Currently it has a wide range of products which offer unmatched taste and quality to satisfy the taste buds of all EH lovers..!

EH Sausages are so irresistible and succulent because they are handmade with the utmost care. Only the best spices from the freshest sources and highest quality meats are used to craft our traditional recipe, making EH Sausages simply unmatchable.

Our range is hot, tastier and outrageous! Some even call them funny or eccentric. But whatever they are one thing is for sure, they are always a teat! To know them is to love them. So get better acquainted with the EH range of Sausages!

Our loyal consumers are so overwhelmed with the legendary EH taste. Below are some testimonials they shared with us on the EH Sausages official Facebook Page.

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  • 'Love all varieties of Elephant House Sausages' – Jeanny Patricia Gerreyn
  • 'Tongue dances with Elephant House Sausages' - JeannyPatricia Gerreyn
  • 'The Best 4 making Sausages! Elephant House!' - Archana Gunathilake
  • 'Elephant House sausages are the real sausages!' - Viduranga Wanigasooriya
  • 'Anything is super with elephant house sausages!' - Imran Mannan
  • 'EH all da products are gorgeous! keep it up!' - Indira Gunaratne
  • 'It's never a party without Elephant House Sausages!' - Nelum Wickramatunga
  • 'Still EH maintains the number one place in Sausages' - Lakshman Dahanayake


Our premium EH product portfolio


EH Chicken Sausage - The most popular variant which everybody likes to indulge in…Grammage   : 150g, 300g and 1 kg

EH Pork Lingus - The favorite legendary EH Sausage taste is most famous for Lingus! Grammage  : 300g

EH Bacon Whopper Sausage - Popular chunky pork sausage with a superior bacon taste! Grammage  : 320 g

EH Chicken Bratwurst - A leaner sausage filled with tasty chicken mix..
Grammage  : 200g

EH Spicy Sizzle - Another Chicken based variety with a garlic mix…
Grammage  : 300g

EH Pork Sausage - The most liked Pork flavor which offers the authentic taste of a meaty sausage.. Grammage  : 300g

EH Pawkies - Bite sized party sausage and all-time favorite!
Grammage  : 300g

EH Beef Sausage - The one and only beef variant in the range which beef lovers crave for! Grammage  : 300g

EH Spicy Pork Sausage - A spicy mix pork variety to offer a different flavor for indulgence! Grammage  : 300 g

EH Pork Sensation - A German Sausage delight which resonates the authentic sausage taste!  Grammage  : 250 g